Organization of the Center

The organizational structure of the Flash Center consists of the Director two Associate Directors, the Management Group, and three research groups. The research groups are the following:

High Energy Density Phyiscs (group leader: Don Lamb).
The High Energy Density Physics (HEDP) group uses the FLASH code to simulate the physics of plasmas that are very hot and dense. The primary research focus involves modeling experiments that study the properties of self generated magnetic fields in plasmas. This research has relevance to basic science, cosmology/astrophyiscs, inertial confinement fusion and fusion energy.

Astrophysics (group leader: George Jordan).
The Astrophysics Group is carrying out simulations of Type Ia (thermonuclear-powered) and Type Ib/c and Type II (core collapse) supernovae and validating current models of these explosions against observations. The Group also studies key physical processes in these events.

Code (group leader: Petros Tzeferacos).
The code group is focused on adding capabilities to the FLASH code that would enable HEDP simulations, and for fluid structure interactions calculations, in addition to maintaining the code that carries out the core astrophysics calculations. Its members include physicists, engineers and computer scientists. They are also responsible for porting, distribution and user support of the FLASH code.
Contact Information The Flash Center Management Group coordinates the activities of the Center on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. The members of the Management Group ar Don Q. Lamb (Director, HEDP Group Lead), Anshu Dubey (Associate Director), Carlo Graziani (Associate Director), George Jordan (Astrophysics Group Lead), Petros Tzeferacos (Code Group Lead), and Carrie Eder (Administrator).